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Winter, Crud, and Thyme Oil

Point #1: Winter

Winter has arrived a few days early. This is in stark contrast to the past two winters, when we barely had a freeze in December, let alone a day where the high was around thirty degrees! I hope that means we will not see baby grasshoppers this February, jumping around and threatening to take down my early spring crops.

Of course, the forecast teased us with first, a small chance of “wintry mix” (sleet/freezing rain/snow); then second, a small chance of freezing drizzle. B hoped beyond hope for a couple inches of snow, but…there was just a dusting of white sleet the next morning.

Point #2: The Crud

We’ve had The Crud at our house. This means, we had more than the usual mild cold symptoms. We’ve had full-blown colds, including a sore throat for B for several days. I haven’t blown my nose this much in a while.

BUT…my “severe” colds are still mild compared to what they used to be in my early adulthood, when I ate a lot of processed foods. Or my mid-twenties, when I was eating much more grain than my body can tolerate. Not judging, just saying.

Point #3: THYME to get a brain!

B also rarely gets severe symptoms when he catches something. And this was his first sore throat (at age 10; I must be doing something right). But there was no gentle initiation for him, no, sir. The pain got so bad that he hardly ate anything for three days (and not much more on the fourth day). I think he lost about five pounds – and he doesn’t have any extra on him to begin with. He wasn’t even drinking water, causing me to resort to threats and manipulation.

[Spoken with a scowl and narrowed eyes] “If you don’t drink some water right now, I’m going to make you go to school!”

[Spoken with a fake smile and sugary sing-song tone] “I’ll let you play computer games all day-ay if you drink some water!”

I actually said neither of those things. But – and J will testify to this – I did bring up the possibility of having to take him to the E.R. if he got too dehydrated.

He still refused to drink water.

His crud started Monday, and by Tuesday he didn’t want to eat or drink. Advil, while it helped him sleep for two nights, didn’t reduce his pain enough during the day so that he felt like eating. He may actually have had infected tonsils. I don’t think it could have been strep, like I mentioned in the post linked above, because he never had a fever.

Late Friday morning, after taking a three-day vacation (hey, I had PMS, okay?), my brain started working. I’d tried applying some essential oils to his throat, to no avail. Then I realized that I might have to bring out the Big Gun. I muscle-tested to see if thyme oil would be effective.


The dose? Smear on every fifteen minutes for three hours, then every hour. I diluted it with coconut oil, as thyme oil is very warm.

After the third application, B said he was feeling better. He started eating and drinking again late that afternoon.

Then the next day, I slapped my head. Thyme oil is not only anti-viral/bacterial/fungal, it is also anti-inflammatory.

Duh. I could have used the thyme a couple of nights earlier, instead of having him suck down a drug.

Oh, well. I’ll remember that when he has his next really sore throat. At age twenty. 😉

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