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Wiring Our Earth-Sheltered House

Wiring our earth-sheltered house for electricity turned out to be a bigger challenge than even Jerry had expected (he is the one who always knows something is going to be harder and take longer than I think). First, we had to wait a week to do the wiring because we had to special order the flexible conduit pipe that went under the floor. Then, the way Jerry had planned to connect the outlet pipes with the conduit pipes didn’t work out.

Those two issues finally resolve, the day he wired the ceiling fan he found he couldn’t get the cable into the pipe in the wall once he had pushed it through the pipe in the middle of the concrete ceiling (I didn’t even know it was there!).

The following videos add up to about forty minutes of demonstration on how to wire a concrete house for electricity. The first one explains how Jerry finally got the cable through the ceiling and down through the wall.

If you’re not a DIYer or otherwise curious about the process of hooking up an electrical outlet, these videos will probably be boring. Come back to them one day when you decide you want to save some money and learn how to hook up outlets and switches for yourself. 😉

Here they are, in the order in which they were recorded (the first is the longest).

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