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Write It Down, Or Lose It (Success Factor Number Fourteen)

This, of all the success factors, might seem like the biggest no-brainer: write down your goals. Every motivational speaker tells you to do it, every self-help book. Someone even came up with an acronym to help you remember how to write effective goals: S-M-A-R-T. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Yet, how many people actually write down their goals? Most do not. They either don’t think it’s necessary, or simply don’t get around to doing it.

And then wonder why they never seem to get anywhere.

If you are serious about living the life of your dreams, of succeeding in a particular area of your life, you MUST write down your goals. Why?

  • The act of writing drives the information into your subconscious much more powerfully than simply thinking about it.
  • Writing something down is somehow psychologically a bigger commitment than verbally stating it.
  • When you write down your goals, you can post them in an area – such as the bathroom mirror – you look at every day. This constant review drives the goals even further into your subconscious.
  • When a list of goals or statement of a vision gets cemented into your subconscious, this part of your mind begins to work on autopilot, seeking the right methods, information, and sequence needed in order to fulfill those goals or that vision.

Let’s break this success factor down. Let’s say you want to be able to make at least a high five-figure income annually working only three or four hours a day online. If you just tell a friend about this goal, you may or may not take steps to carry it out. But if you write a specific goal down, stick it to your refrigerator, and read it to yourself every time you open the refrigerator door, two things will happen. First, you will feel more and more motivated to do something to achieve that goal. You will probably start to feel restless and antsy until you begin to act on it – so you’ll begin working toward the goal, just to relieve the mental irritation!

The other thing that will happen is that your subconscious will begin to look for ways to help you move toward the fulfillment of this goal, It probably won’t be an overnight process – sometimes it takes several years before you find yourself walking down the right path – but it will happen.

All because you took sixty seconds to write down your goals.

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