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Yes, I Did It. I Wasted Food.

I wasn’t planning on decluttering this blue cooler:

I bought it several years ago when I was into making homemade yogurt, and needed something in which to incubate the warm liquid.

When we decided to use coolers instead of a refrigerator at our new place, this one was really too small to be much good. So I began using it to store certain dry good items.

Items like the ingredients for a homemade gluten-free flour mix.

These represented one of the biggest things that disgusts me about myself: my inability to stand up for my philosophy of healthy eating to other people. Long story short, for a while, B would play with the granddaughter of the folks who own the goat dairy where we used to buy milk. Well, this playtime would happen after she got home from school, when she would be hungry. So of course she had to eat store-bought cookies and nasty snack chips.

But we couldn’t leave B out of it. Instead of insisting that they could snack on fruit and milk – or insisting that B could snack on the healthy food while the girl slowly killed herself with the junk (yeah, I know, I’m one of those Evil Extremist Health Nut Moms) – I caved and said I would start baking gluten-free, sugar-free cookies for them to snack on.

It’s been a LO-ONG time since the two of them played together (a clash of personalities, and B holds grudges like a girl), and I’ve since discovered that flour products send B’s Candida supply into overdrive. But I still had those stupid bags of  flour.

Okay, so TVP isn’t flour. It was an attempt to get more protein into Mr. Picky’s diet a few months ago, but he didn’t like it, even mixed with grain and ketchup. When I tried it, it bloated me – not surprising, since it’s made out of soybeans, which cause me bloating.

I also had a bag of buckwheat, and another of sweet brown rice, and another with a tiny bit of white rice in the cooler. Foods that I can’t wait to get out of my family’s diet (see link above) – and foods that I don’t fix often (actually, the buckwheat is now only food for our pet rats).

I needed more room for the dehydrated bananas and dehydrated mangos that I’ve been using in smoothies.

The buckwheat and rice are now in one of the storage buckets under our bed, and the flour is now serving as compost.

Yes, Mother, I wasted food. If you can call it food. Which I don’t.

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