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Yet Another New Publication!

A couple of weeks ago, I let you know about my new paperback book, Multiplication Is Fun! (and division is delightful!), which helps older children learn the concepts of the two operations by engaging in fun and quirky activities.

Now, I present to you my latest publication, Kindergarten Story Math. Remember Story Math? I told you about it in this post. It was going to be a full K-5 math curriculum. But then, an interesting thing happened.

I completely changed my philosophy of education. Frankly, I almost didn’t publish Kindergarten Story Math.

But after doing some thinking, I went ahead and did so. Because young children are so eager to try new things – and because their world is filled with math and problem-solving – I still think it’s a good thing to get them grounded in the bare-bone basics of math. But not with the horribly boring homeschool math curriculums that are out there. And I include the one that many homeschooling parents drool over because it supposedly is manipulatives-based. It is still boring. (Math U See. I speak from experience. It’s even worse once you get past the Kinder-level book.)

What makes Kindergarten Story Math different? Stories, of course! All of the concepts are taught in the context of fun stories. There is also less filling in of blanks and more looking at number patterns than you find in any other Kindergarten math workbook. I also included pictures to cut out and use as manipulatives, so you don’t have to prepare them (or purchase them) all on your own.

If you homeschool, or are thinking of homeschooling and have very young children, please give Kindergarten Story Math a look. And pass on the info to your homeschooling friends! Here’s the direct link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1543052177

Check out the bottom of the product description to find the link to the free sample pages!

Thanks a bunch. 🙂

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