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You Know You’re A Cheapskate When…

What’s the difference between being frugal and being cheap? Where’s the fine line, if there is one?

As a recovering cheapskate, I can assure you that there is a line, and it can be quite fine at times. Frugal living is wise; cheapskate-ism borders on obsessive compulsiveness and often is void of wisdom.

Again mimicking Jeff Foxworthy’s “You know you’re a redneck” style, I present to you my little sketch, “You know you’re a cheapskate when…” It will be my last installment of this attempt at humor for a while. If you really want more, please let me know in the comments section!

Also, if you prefer to watch the video, keep scrolling down.

You know you’re a cheapskate when…

…”eating out” means a picnic of balogna sandwiches in the backyard.

…your spouse doesn’t dare buy you anything on your tenth wedding anniversary.

…you win a $1,000 gift card in a coupon-clipping contest, and you just can’t spend it.

…you let the whooping cough you contracted just run its course.

…all the furniture in your house comes from the back alley.

…the soap in your shower is a teeny, weeny splinter – and you’re still using it.

…you still have a pocket folder from high school. And you graduated thirty-five years ago.

…your best dress, or suit of clothes, has a hole in hit.

…you spend your spare time dumpster-diving.

…it’s your fault nobody can find toilet paper on the shelves at K-Mart when they run a two-for-one special on it.

…your kid is wearing underwear a size too small for her. And you bought it second-hand.

…you pick up pennies – from the floors of public bathrooms.

…the only thing on your “bucket list” is a garage sale marathon.

…you’re addicted to cigarettes, and nobody knows it.

…your longest pencil is an inch long.

…The A/C in your car is broken, the bathroom faucet is leaking, and the kitchen light bulb just went out. And you’re good with all that!

…you never borrow books from the library, because you’re so afraid of incurring a fee.

…you eat the peel with the bananas.

Now, the video version. Enjoy, and please click the “thumbs up” if it makes you smile. Thanks! 🙂

If you want to add your own (family-friendly) ideas on how to know if you’re a cheapskate, please add them in the comments below.

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