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You Know You’re A Health Nut When…

Are you a health nut? What makes a health nut a health nut, anyway? Do you have to be vegan? If you eat bananas instead of Twinkies for dessert, does that count?

Having been a health nut for a couple of decades, I’ve seen and heard just about everything. And while not all of the following qualifications apply to me (I’m not telling you which ones do!), they include some of the more extreme examples of what people do for the sake of being healthy.

Here we go: you know you’re a health nut when… (video follows)

…your mechanic asks you what’s wrong with your car, and you tell him you think it’s had too much gluten.

…you’re shocked when you meet anyone who’s never heard of a Vitamix.

…your kids see a candy cane on a Christmas tree, and think it’s just a decoration.

…your friend offers you some unroasted almonds, and you ask, “Are they really raw?”

…you spend fifteen minutes in the supplement aisle trying to decide between two brands of calcium.

…the only think you’ll eat at a potluck is the dish you brought.

…on your tenth wedding anniversary, you and your spouse eat out at a health food store deli.

…your skin is turning purple from all the berries you eat.

…someone mentions that they’ve been taking Sudafed, and it takes you a minute to remember what that is.

…you never have the cold or flu. You’re just “detoxing.”

…your city announces it’s going to spray for mosquitoes, and you cover your entire front yard in plastic.

…you’re the only person you know who’s ever done an enema. More than once.

…you’re addicted to kale chips.

…when someone talks about the big “O”, you think it means “organic.” [If you don’t get this one, here’s a hint: it’s rated X.]

…a friend tells you he got spam in his inbox, and you go off on a tirade about the importance of eating real meat.

…apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, and cod liver oil can cure anything.

….you’ve been a fervent vegan, and a Paleo evangelist. In the same year.

…baking soda is the only soap in your house.

…you eat dirt. On purpose.

…everyone else is wrong.

Now, enjoy the video, and please give it a “thumbs up” if it makes you smile. Thanks! 🙂

Got any of your own (family-friendly) ideas on how to know if  you’re a health nut? Please add them in the comments below!

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