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You Know You’re Getting Old When…

You know you’re getting old when…

**You read a novel in which the main characters are in their late 20’s and their parents watched the same television programs when they were kids…that you did when you were a kid!

**You’re at the low end of your ideal weight, yet you get embarrassed by how your gluteus maximus hangs out of your swimsuit bottom.

**You know all the lyrics to all the ‘80s songs playing in the store where you’re shopping.

**You know some of the lyrics to some of the ‘60s and 70s songs, too.

**”Perimenopause” has become a household word among the adults in your home…and it’s your fault.

**Everyone under the age of thirty is a kid.

**The last Michael Jackson song you remember is “Jenny Are You Okay”. And even then, you’re not sure that’s the proper title of the song.

**Your mother is about to turn the big 8-0.

**The worry/anger lines between your forehead have taken up permanent residence.

**You get the revelation that every single anti-aging product on the market is a scam.

**You are no longer repulsed by people who wake up in the morning hacking and hock-ptooing, because you have become one of them.

**People stop telling you that you should have another baby.

Well, look at that. There’s a silver lining around every cloud after all.

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  • Sue Elvis December 29, 2016, 9:55 pm


    Your post title drew me in! I often write about ageing as you’ve probably noticed. I wonder what I’d write if I put together a similar list to yours. The last time something happened that made me feel my age was when I went to get my driver’s licence renewed and I found out I was too old for a 10 year one. I’m sure I’m not THAT old!